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Do You to Save Money with Webhosting? Use This Tsohost Promo Code

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The Up-To-Date Guide To Web Hosting

If you could figure out how to make the most money from your Internet company, would you be able to set aside all of your monetary concerns? And saving money is important. But you don't want to skimp on quality for the sake of saving a few dollars. Continue reading for several great ideas on how you can be certain to get the right hosting at the best price.

Most web hosts have various add-ons for their packages, however, the features offered varies host by host. When choosing between different website hosting companies, be sure to compare levels of service, including different features that you require. For instance, the one host may be low-priced, but that may not matter if the feature you desire is only in a higher-priced package.

When you have chosen a web host, make sure to have monthly payments instead of paying a lot in advance. You cannot predict what will happen with your web host or your business in the coming months. If your web host declines, or your business starts to need more support, you will end up losing money even when your account has been closed, unless the host has stated otherwise.

Are you stuck between choosing between a free hosting service and a paid provider? Be sure to make backups of anything you do not want to lose, as free hosts normally do not offer any kind of backup services. Keep in mind that the service is free, so there will probably not be any frills included. So, if any of your information disappears, you have no recourse.

Choose a website hosting service, which provides detailed information about your website, such as the number of visitors you receive and how long they stay on your site. Put a counter on your home page, and compare the number it shows to the number your host gives you. If you have an online business, use this information to adjust your methods to your audience.

You are now aware that web hosting pricing can be affected by several different issues. Carefully consider your options and make sure any companies you consider can fully meet your needs.

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Hosting Tips And Tricks From Industry Experts

Do you frequently find yourself feeling dissatisfied with the amount you pay for website hosting service? There are many reasonable web hosting services out there, but remember that when it comes to the quality of your business website, you should spare no expense in getting the best. Read on to find out what makes a good web host.

Should you consider dedicated hosting? What about shared hosting? Shared servers are Tsohost Promotional Code not ideal for websites that enjoy high traffic levels, design-driven layouts and sensitive customer and payment information. Find a dedicated host for more space and bandwidth.

Avoid web hosts that have a great deal of down time. Choose a provider who has specific plans for dealing with an outage and one who does not shirk the blame onto someone else. Frequent outages signify an unprofessional business. Don't make commitments to these type of companies.

When considering a prospective hosting service, ask multiple questions about the quality of security, and privacy measures. Today, numerous threats are present and websites are targets for attacks. Verify that Tsohost Promotional Code your selected web host has implemented security measures, which can effectively handle denial-of-service attacks, as well as many other common threats. You should inquire about the potential hazards to your site if the host is under attack.

For most people, it is best to pay-as-you-go rather than commit to a long-term hosting contract. You never know what could come up in the next 12 months, and you do not want to be locked in with one company. Depending on the terms of the service agreement, you could lose any money you paid for future services if the web host provider goes out of business or the service is no longer able to provide for the needs of your expanding company.

Website hosting service charges can be related to the amount of traffic that is coming to your website. Find out how your host is going to bill you: some hosts charge different flat rates and your site progresses from one category to the other as it gets more traffic, while other hosts charge you a different amount every month in function of your traffic.

The above have given your some helpful tips on finding better service for less. An Internet business totally depends on its web hosting being reliable, but you can get good service without it being too expensive. The advice you have learned here can be used to find the ideal website hosting company for you or your business.

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How to dry out and fix a wet, water-damaged iPhone or iPad

Hopefully the steps above helped you revive the drowned iPhone in your life, but are there steps to help us avoid the situation in future? Yes, there are.

Apologies if this sounds patronising, but step one is to keep your devices dry. Water's not good for iPhones and iPads, penetrating deep within their circuitry and leading to damaging short circuits. So those (extremely common) hazards so many iPhone owners risk - taking photos on the beach, browsing the web in the bath, even reading email on the loo - are best avoided. Most of us only cotton on to the dangers after our first soaked iPhone.

We're all human, however, and things get dropped, so it's best to anticipate this. If you really want to use your iPad to read ebooks by the pool or in the bath, consider buying a waterproof case.Have a look at your options in our cases roundups: Best waterproof iPhone cases, Best waterproof iPad cases, Best iPhone cases and Best iPad cases.

Another option to bear in mind is some kind of handle or wrist strap so that you're less likely to drop the device in the first place.

A handy emergency package to have around - obviously it's best to have it ready in advance, instead of waiting for the crisis to occur and then queueing at the shops - is Kensington's EVAP. It's available for an apparently discounted 4.50 at time of writing, but that still seemspretty expensive for what you get:effectively aslightly slickerversion of the silica gel trick above. Worth consideration, nevertheless.

See also: How to repair a cracked iPhone screen; 5 fixes for a broken smartphone display

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How to get Windows 10 now: Everything you need to know to upgrade to Windows... - PC Advisor

Windows 10has already been installed on 200 million machines according to Microsoft. Here we'll explain how you can upgrade your PC or laptop, as well as how to do a clean install. Be sure to back up photos and anything else you don't want to lose before starting the upgrade. See also: how to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 10.

In order to help you navigate this page use the links to jump to the section you need:

Update 26 Jan: Added extra tips on fixing booting problems, along with general updates to the article.

Microsoft is making it more and more difficult not to upgrade to Windows 10 and, as we reported in our How to stop the Windows 10 nagging notifications guide, Microsoft experimented with making the upgrade an 'Recommended' one for Windows 7 and 8.1 users. This means it will download the new OS and install it - with your permission.

Note: If you're experiencing the opposite problem and want to download Windows 10 through Windows Update but it's not working, follow our separate guide here. The method below describes how to download Windows 10 from Microsoft's website.

How to get Windows 10 now: download and upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1

Step 1: Head to Microsoft's Windows 10 download page and click on the link for the 64-bit version. Only use 32-bit if your computer doesn't have a 64-bit processor. There's no need to save the file - just choose the Run option.

How to install Windows 10 now

How to install Windows 10 now

Step 2: You will see two options: Upgrade now, or create installation media. Assuming you're trying to upgrade the PC you're running the tool on, choose Upgrade this PC now. The reason for this is that you can't do a clean install straight away as part of the free update. See our step-by-step instructions on installing Windows 10 for details on a clean install.

How to install Windows 10 now

How to install Windows 10 now

Step 3: Now Windows 10 will start downloading from scratch. We've just tried this on a laptop and there doesn't appear to be any delay from Microsoft's servers, even on launch day.

How to install Windows 10 now

How to install Windows 10 now

Step 3: If you would rather create a bootable USB or DVD to install Windows 10 on another computer, or multiple PCs, choose that option. This is a new and easier way to install Windows than dealing with ISO images, as the download tool is an all-in-one utility that will do everything for you. All you need is at least a 4GB USB drive (or single-layer writable DVD). It can also convert the downloaded files to an ISO if that's what you want. You can choose the language, and even to create a bootable drive or disc with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. What's important is that you choose the right Edition. You can see which version your computer is eligible for in Will my PC get Windows 10?

How to install Windows 10 now

How to install Windows 10 now

Step 4: Accept the licence terms when prompted, and the installer will then check your PC for compatibility with Windows 10, that it has enough free space and will download updates. You will not need an activation key for Windows 10 if you are upgrading from an eligible version of Windows 7 or 8.1.

Step 5: When prompted, click to install Windows 10 and your machine will reboot. You'll see a Windows logo, followed by a language selection - UK English should be selected. Windows 10 will then install automatically, keeping all your programs (apart from antivirus), files and settings. However, as we said at the start, it's worth backing up anything you can't afford to lose first.

Step 6: When you finally get to the Windows 10 desktop, allow a bit of time for Windows 10 search for drivers for your hardware. Initially on our test laptop, it seemed as though the graphics card drivers hadn't been found and installed. However, after a few minutes this was all done in the background and the correct resolution set.

If you want to do a clean install, then scroll down to the next section.

How to install Windows 10 from a USB stick

How to install Windows 10 from a USB stick

Still, it's worth heading to Device Manager and checking that all drivers are installed, especially for the system chipset. If you can't find Windows 10 drivers from your motherboard manufacturer, Windows 7 or 8 drivers may work.

How to get Windows 10 now: Clean install

You can't clean install Windows 10 without going through the upgrade process above. That's because you don't have an product key as you do with Windows 7 or 8, so Windows 10 needs to activate automatically online after upgrading from an elibigle copy of Windows 7 or 8.1.

When Windows 10 is activated, Microsoft can identify your PC and associate it with an activated and valid Windows 10 licence. This means you can perform a clean install (even on a different hard drive, so it's a good time to upgrade to an SSD if you have been running Windows on a traditional hard drive) and Windows 10 will activate without issue.

To check if Windows 10 has activated after upgrading, head to Control Panel > System and Security > System and look under Windows activation:

How to clean install Windows 10 - activated

How to clean install Windows 10 - activated

Only if you make "significant changes" to your PC will you have to call the Microsoft activation helpline.

To do a clean install, you'll need to return to Step 2 in the walkthough above, using the tool you downloaded to create a bootable USB drive or DVD. Once that's done, turn off your computer, install and / or remove any hard drives and SSDs you want to swap around and then boot from your USB or DVD.

If your PC won't boot from it, head into the BIOS settings (typically press Delete, F1 or one of the other F keys just after you turn your computer on) and make sure removable drives, or the DVD drive is set as the first boot device, and not a hard drive. We can't be specific about the menus and settings, since each BIOS is different.

How to fix flashing screen after Windows 10 installation

It was drawn to our attention on our forums that many users are having issues with the screen flashing following the Windows 10 installation.

Fortunately it's fixable. First, restart your computer. You can try pressing Alt-F4 and choosing restart if you can do it while the screen is blinking, but otherwise hold down the power button for up to 10 seconds until the computer turns off. Turn it on again, but instead of logging into Windows 10, click the on-screen power button and then hold the Shift key on your keyboard while clicking the Restart option.

Windows 10 won't restart but will go to a screen with a troubleshooting option. Click this and then Advanced options. Now choose to restart and you will see options to go into Safe Mode. Any Safe Mode option will do. The PC will now start in Safe Mode.

Press the Windows key and R together to get the Run box. Now type msconfig and press Enter. Go to the Services Tab in the window that opens. Scroll down until you find two tasks that need to be stopped:

Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel SupportWindows Error Report Service

Disable these by unchecking them, then click Apply, Ok. Restart the computer. If that doesn't fix it, reboot into Safe Mode again and right-click on the taskbar along the bottom of the screen. Choose Task Manager and then click on the tab for Startup programs. You can right-click on each one and disable it. This should stop the blinking screen, and you can then turn services back on in Task Manager one by one (a restart after each) to isolate which program is causing it.

How to fix black screen boot problemsafter Windows 10 installation

Recently in an informal conversation we had in the office about Windows, it came to our attention that some people are still having problems installing and even booting into Windows 10.

A lot of people have reported the same black screen problem, where after the upgrade process, be it on a clean install or an upgrade from an older Windows version, have been unable to boot into windows past the POST screen. The POST screen is the initial screen you see immediately after switching on a computer.

The problem often comes after a few Windows updates and is often caused by people who have a graphics card (GPU) installed in their laptop or PC. You will know if you have the problem, as when you boot the PC, youll also sometimes find the keyboard and mouse lose power and switch off (if you have LEDs within them) and the screen to only display a black screen or go on standby.

The issue is tied with the way Intel and Windows manage the iGPU unit found on the processor. The iGPU is the on-board graphics found on Intel chips. We have noted a few people on AMD processors to also share the same problem, but have found the majority of complaints come from Intel users.

The solution is to fully disable iGPU from Windows.There are two solutions to this, depending on how far youve progressed with your Windows 10 installation:

How to fix black screen boot problems: How to prevent the black screen problem after Windows 10 installation

Note: You will not have the option nor should disable the iGPU if its your only display output.

Here are the following steps summarised:

Ensure your graphics card drivers are installedEnter Device ManagerDisable iGPU through Device ManagerReboot your PC and enjoy Windows 10

If youre in Windows 10 and can see the desktop, the solution is to disable the iGPU drivers from the Device Manager. Before doing so, you have to ensure you install the Nvidia or AMD graphics card drivers, but to remember not to reboot after the installation is complete.

In order to access the Device Manager, navigate to the start button and type Device Manager. This will present you with the Device Manager. If for any reason Windows does not index properly, you will find Device Manager under the control panel. To access this, type Control Panel in the search bar and once its open, search Device Manager within the control panels window.

Within the Device Manager, double click on Display adapters to present the graphics adapters. Here you should see your iGPU, usually denoted by Intel(R) HD Graphics xx00. Right click on the Intel(R) HD Graphics xx00 adapter and disable it. Once complete, restart your PC and you shouldnt encounter the black screen problem.

How to fix black screen boot problems: The black screen problem after restarting your PC

Note: If you do not have the option within your BIOS, this step will not apply to you. A lot of laptops lack the option of disabling the iGPU or switching the graphics card as the primary display output.

This step mainly applies to those that are on desktop PCs and have a graphics card installed. People who have experienced this problem have found that the PC does go past the POST screen when the iGPU is the primary display output. This might seem like an easy fix, however, this makes Windows not fully utilise your graphics card and puts unneeded stress on your CPU.

Here are the following steps summarised:

Connect your monitor directly to your motherboard and your graphics card (you might need a secondary monitor to do this)Make iGPU your primary output through the BIOSBoot into Windows, ensure your graphics card drivers are installedDisable iGPU through Device ManagerReboot the PC and enter your BIOSMake your graphics card the primary output by selecting PCIE as your display outputOptional: Disable iGPU Render Standby to completely disable your iGPUReboot your PC and enjoy Windows 10

In order to get out of the black screen problem and solve it, you have to enter your computers BIOS. This is done when first switching on the computer, where you will need to press either the Delete / Del, TAB, F12, F8 or even a combination of Fn+F2 keys. The key to enter the BIOS differs on different computers, especially those that run pre-built computers such as Dell Computers. However, generally speaking the key to enter your BIOS is the Delete / Del key.

Once in your BIOS, search within the advanced menu for the primary display output. The name can vary from different motherboard manufacturers; however you should be presented with an option that lists: Auto / PCIE / iGPU. Often on Auto mode, it will select the PCIE, which in this case is the graphics card, as it is a dedicated card for video output. The PCIE name denotes the slot on your motherboard, which is where the graphics card sits.

You will first have to make iGPU your primary display. Select iGPU in the list then exit the BIOS and make sure you Save and Exit with Changes.

Important:You will need to make sure your monitor is connected directly to your motherboard and not your graphics card.

Once youve rebooted into windows, ensure your graphics card drivers are installed then proceed to disable iGPU through device manager (see a full guide above in the section titled: If you have yet to restart your PC after the Windows 10 installation).

Reboot your PC and enter the BIOS again. This time, youll want to select the primary output display as PCIE. As an additional extra you could also disable iGPU Render Standby to fully disable iGPU from being used.

Exit the BIOS, again making sure you Save and Exit with Changes, and you should be able to use your graphics card as your primary display, without having to worry about any black screen.

Important: Do remember that when you exit the BIOS on the second occasion, after youve selected PCIE as the primary output, you will need to connect your monitor back up to your graphics card and not your motherboard (iGPU).

Hopefully that should solve all your black screen boot problems and enable you to fully enjoy Windows 10 without worrying about it not being able to get past the POST screen.

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